What to Do in Ireland on Halloween 2019

5 October 2019
By Roger Jones


7 Things a True Irish Person Needs to Do this Halloween
Here are our top picks of what every person born and raised in Ireland has to do to truly enjoy the spirit of the spookiest holiday.

Perhaps not many global citizens know this, but Halloween was rooted in Ireland.

Samhain, they called it, and it looked pretty much like what the world celebrates as the All Hallows’ Day.

The ancient Celts celebrated four festivals every year. On the first day of November, they would put on an incredible show to laud good spirits. The worshipping ritual included putting on costumes to ward off evil spirits and persons the costume-wearer did not like.

The All Saints’ Day has existed for about a thousand years now, and it is the Celtic people who take all the credit for it.

Now in 2019, you feel like doing something special for this sacred holiday, but do you dare do it in Ireland?

The question is – are you brave enough to stay in Ireland for Halloween?

1. Wild Wicklow Historic Tours

We will kick off tough. Our first suggestion is for adults only. And before you think it’s something it’s not, let us explain.

Is there a better way to experience the creepiest holiday than spending it in prison? We didn’t think so. Wicklow’s Historic Gaol is an atmospheric museum dedicated to prisons. The visitors are given the chance to see what it was like to be an inmate in an Irish jail in the 18th century. Now that’s what we call authentic!

Walk through the cells and dungeons, and see it all – in the flesh! Naturally, the walks occur exclusively at night. Beware the ghosts of Celtic prisoners that might await just around the corner.

2. Scary Movie Marathon

When you get back from the Wicklow tour, you’ll need to catch a breath. We suggest having a multiple-hour watch of the best Halloween movies this year. Everyone has seen Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is time to spice things up a little!

And while you are at it, you can follow a new pumpkin spice cupcake recipe or make a cinnamon latte to go with your hair-rising cinema collection!

3. Play Halloween-inspired video slots

Everyone likes to unwind now and then. In the past few years, online gaming has become the preferred form of entertainment for a great number of adults. Due to this popularity, the leading Irish online casinos which you can check out over at BestCasinos.com all have plenty of Halloween-themed online slots on offer for their customers.

At any point, you can have a spin on a Jack-O’-Lantern slot machine, or try your luck with Dracula releases. The offering goes to cover an ample selection of genres, so you can choose for yourself. Take a chance before the night is over, and become the 21st century Headless Horseman, if you will

4. Belfast Fireworks Display

Should you have time and sufficient funds to travel, you can go to the capital of Northern Ireland. The renowned Belfast Fireworks Display is an annual event taking place in the largest city in the country. The public celebration of Samhain has been organised every year since 2008. This October might be just the time for you to experience it for the first time!

Here is the list of all the events and times for this year’s display.

5. Derry Halloween Under the Samhain

Derry hosts a four-day-long party every year on Halloween. Why not join the fun in 2019? The biggest attraction is the Derry Halloween Carnival Parade and you can chime in. The single requirement is a costume. There’s a chance for you to be creative! Think of a mask you have never worn before, and be innovative. Go and see for yourself why they call it the biggest Hallowe’en celebration in the world!

6. Cavan Pumpkin Hunting

Moving onto more family-friendly activities, you should definitely give the Virginia Pumpkin Festival a go. Taking place in the biggest town in Cavan County, the Festival is an annual event established in 2007. It is a full-day experience with pumpkin picking in the early morning, followed by various other Halloween-themed activities.

At 7:30 pm the Haunted Forest Walk commences. You are invited to roam through the Forest of Fears in the dead of night. To recover from the petrifying experience, the festival is wrapped up the next day with a music show.

7. Spooktacular Boo at Dublin Zoo

Last but not least, animal lovers among you will appreciate this one. The spooky zoo tours are ideal for both families and groups of friends, so don’t be a stranger. The kids can take part in face-painting competitions and the music festivals.

On the spookier side, you can listen to the keepers’ ghastly stories and be spooked to the bone! You can feed fresh pumpkins to the elephants and watch them stomp and smash them as you enjoy your hot beverage.

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