How mobile apps are transforming the media and entertainment industry

5 December 2019
By Roger Jones


Today, we all use at least 3 to 4 apps a day. Whether it’s paying via phone bill, shopping for an outfit for your next birthday party or looking for directions to a restaurant, there’s an app for all of the above and lots more too. Mobile apps are revolutionizing almost every industry, and the media and entertainment industry is no exception to it.

A mobile phone can do everything! and has replaced the calculator, clock, alarm clock, TV and more

Tracking the trends

Tracking the trends was quite difficult during the last decade. But ever since social media became part of our lives, there is a new trend every day. The top social media apps have one complete section dedicated to the most trending topics on the application. Entertainment apps show the latest games, music and series on the top to notify users about the most liked ones. Entertainment is no longer limited to time lots and closed doors. With the help of mobile apps, users can have access to their favourite shows from anywhere, any time.

The live streaming feature offers live episodes and TV shows are getting more TRP through mobile apps. With social media, movie makers are successfully creating buzz around the latest releases which helps them in maximizing their box office collection.

A complete platform

Mobile applications can create a whole new platform for movies, music, games, etc. This has provided an opportunity for many artists to showcase their talent and create a follower base. Earlier making videos and developing apps were only done by professionals because they had access to the developing platforms but now app development is not as complicated as it used to be. Some applications include more than one feature which lets the users switch between multiple options. Combining multiple features is an excellent way by which users can benefit from the most.

A unique content hub

Mobile apps have allowed easy flow of content across the globe. Anyone can put their content on these apps to grab the attention of audiences from all over the world. For instance, the Quora app allows users to ask multiple questions as well as ask questions yourself. Other entertainment apps have allowed free flow of content, such as blogs, videos, etc. Mobile apps allow users to read interesting content on the go, which makes them more appealing to the youth.


The entertainment industry uses interesting engagement features, such as push up notifications to increase their curiosity in entertainment app. The audience gets attracted because of the interesting features and curiosity in each other’s life. As celebrities have a huge fan base, they are the most-followed people on these apps. Mobile apps allow users to interact with their idols and also keep a track of what’s going on in other people’s life.

Promotion medium

Most people spend their time using smartphones and tablets throughout the day. Hence, branding promotions through mobile apps is quite effectual, and it also creates a positive impact on business. Most big brands have launched their own mobile application to let customers directly buy from them.



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