Writing an essay about the Film Festival

7 March 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Essays on film festivals can be demanding for students. Often, one needs to discuss key concepts such as aesthetics, location, and audiences. So, crafting an essay that describes the festival well may need interdisciplinary knowledge. Also, there is the responsibility of securing tickets to a film festival. Thus, you must commit to writing the essay early. But with the pressures of life, writing such an essay becomes overwhelming. In such instances, seeking writing help is pivotal. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Follow our guidelines and get a perfect score on your next essay on film festivals.

Choose an exciting film festival

A massive film fest does not mean that it is entertaining. It is also possible to be thrilled in the most surprising, tranquil places. So, when considering the size and focus of a festival, consider the number of movies shown. It is difficult for audiences to watch a hundred films. Other factors to consider when selecting a film fest include:

  • Quality of the movies
  • Special events such as Q&As, discussions, parties, among others
  • Potential of networking. Consider if quality executives attend the festival

With these three factors, you should be able to find an exciting festival for your essay. If not, https://customessayorder.com/write-my-essay-for-me.php can help you write it and include all the necessary details. These experts can find a festival that organizes movies by genre, country of origin, and venue. Also, if you don’t want to spend your extra money on tickets, expert writers are helpful.

History of film festivals

The history of film festivals is broad as it traces back to the 1930s in Venice, Italy. The movie fest spread in various European countries and made its way to the US in 1953. Having a background on the evolution of film festivals is essential when writing. You may not include background context in your movie analysis or film festival essay. But, historical information shapes perspectives. For example, Sundance entered episodic content in 2014. Thus, it helped writers to develop characters who would evolve over various episodes. Such information can be useful in your essay.

Analyse Titles

Analysing literature is in many ways, like critiquing a movie using various approaches. They include the narrative structure, cultural context, semiotics, among others. They both include words, images, and phrases. But films include audiovisual elements. UNC Writing Center details some conventional approaches of film analysis in a festival. They include:

  • Semiotic: It involves finding the meaning behind analogies, symbolism, and metaphors.
  • Narrative structure: It entails analyzing the various story elements. This includes the theme, plot, and character motivations.
  • Contextual: It includes analyzing a movie as if it were a part of a broad context. This may consist of the social concerns or political fears of the period.
  • Mise-en-scene: It involves the arrangement of various compositional elements in a movie. It includes different audiovisual elements. Include the effects in a scene, lighting, frames, music, choreography, among others.

The fourth approach is the primary distinction between a movie and literary work. Analyzing factors like color or special effects may need more time and attention.

Read other essay examples

Examples not only guide your writing but help readers link to your topic. A writer who uses examples in their essays improves the audience’s understanding. If you need to look at samples on film festivals, EssayKitchen has excellent academic essays. The work of others will help you apply various techniques better. You can either adopt their simple language or improve your word choice. But, citing these examples is essential in avoiding plagiarism.

Make a writing plan

Whether you attended the film festival or not, you need to know its details before you start. Instead of asking how to analyze a film, create an outline of your essay early in your writing. Will you start with analyzing the space and location of the fest then to the aesthetics? Or will you emphasize the size and focus of the movie fest? Consider all these questions before you put pen on paper. Such a plan will ensure that you give every detail enough attention. It will also keep your writing focused.

Write in advance

Waiting until the last minute can cause missed deadlines. Since essays about film festivals need an investment of resources, begin your writing early. Take notes and start writing while your memory is still fresh. If overwhelmed by tasks, ask experts to do my essay for me by placing an order. Provide the writer with instructions on what you need written and wait for the final paper. If you can handle the pressure, seeking expert advice doesn’t hurt. Make and adhere to your writing schedule.


Your essay on film festivals should be free of all types of errors. Whether mechanical, syntax, grammatical, or spelling, proofreading is vital. You may need to apply proofreading techniques if you are publishing your essay. Consider using tools such as Hemingway or Grammarly. A Writing service company will answer your how to write a film analysis query and aid in editing. Get their help now for an error-free essay.

Crafting a film festival essay is challenging and different for all students. Consider your choice of film festival and craft a plan that is suitable for you. The analysis approach that you select will determine the complexity of your essay. So, identify what works for you and adopt a plan. There are other alternatives if none of our guidelines suit your needs. You can always consult professional writing services to get help if stuck.


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