How to Stay Safe While Gambling Online

21 April 2020
By Roger Jones


More and more things can be done online each day, including gambling. Some people prefer spending time at a local casino while others might like to try their luck with online casino games.

There are plenty of sites on the internet now which provide some of the best casino gaming options but having information about the authority of the site and understanding their terms and condition is a must before depositing your money on these sites.

Even if you have been playing online casino games since before, it is better to keep yourself updated with the happenings of the industry otherwise losing money in a scam will hurt more than losing money in a game. As online criminal activity has increased, it is the responsibility of the player to make sure he is on the right gambling site or not. This blog post revolves around measures you should take while gambling online.

Measures You Should Take to Stay Safe While Gambling Online

History and reputation

Before choosing an online casino site it is recommended to check for its history. Ensure that they are in the business for a long period of time and are providing online gambling services for more than a year, as trusting fresh sites is quite hard. Also, the players shouldn’t fall for the bonuses as some new sites trap new customers with attractive bonuses and they fall for that without even checking the terms and conditions.

Things to consider:

  • Established

The first thing you should do is to check the authenticity of the business. How long the casino has been in the business for and how many positive and negative reviews has it received. The new casinos are less popular therefore finding information about them can be a bit harder but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust them the same as older casinos which have a lot of information available online but that doesn’t make it trustworthy.

  • Customer experience

The reputation of an online casino is decided by the customer’s experience. There are many forums, subreddits, communities where you can survey about an online casino and find out whether they have treated their customers

  • Cashouts

The best way to find out whether a casino is authentic or not is through the payouts. You should find out whether the players are receiving the payments or not. As aforementioned, this information can be found on Reddit, forums, and blogs.

SSL Protocol  / https

The next thing you should consider while choosing an online casino site is the SSL protocol. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that is used to encrypt the information on a website.

It safeguards your information from hackers and fraudsters by protecting sensitive information such as your phone number, email, address, banking details, etc.

These days, almost every site is SSL enabled, but some careless sites or fraud sites do not use SSL certificates, therefore before signing up for an account on an online casino site, make sure the URL has “https”, where s stands for a secure connection.

Read the terms and conditions

People generally ignore the terms and conditions while signing up for an account online. It is really very important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of a website and have detailed information on how they will be using your personal data and the efforts they put in to ensure the safety of your data.

The terms and conditions also have information about the payouts you will be receiving upon winning in the online casino game. We highly recommend you to go through the terms and conditions with full concentration and if you have any queries, contact the online casino. Most of the online casinos provide live chat support or support mail where you can more information about their operations and authenticity


To run an online casino it is necessary to have a gaming license. The online casinos are made to follow the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of their customers and if they fail to do so, the gaming license wouldn’t be issued for them.

You should check out whether the online casino has a gaming license or not and the countries where they can operate their business. Mostly, the licensing information can be found in the “About Us” section but if it is missing from there, you can contact the support and ask them directly.

We request you not to register accounts with unlicensed online casinos as there are high chances of you getting scammed or trapped in fraudulent activity.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

Online gambling is completely safe if you take effective measures and spend some time searching about the gambling site’s history, its reputation on the internet and past experiences of the existing customers with the site.

You should check out the terms & conditions, the business operations, and check if the site is secure to make online transactions. Other than this, make sure you check their license and if they have the permit to run provide their online gambling services in your country.

According to gambling statistics, 1.6 billion people gamble every year. There risk, of course, but by taking precautions you get a better understanding on how to stay safe while gambling online, and hopefully make plenty of cash.

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