Parts of a Cork City are a dump – literally

21 May 2020
By Bryan Smyth

File photo showing an overflowing bin

Sinn Féin TD Thomas Gould has called for proactive solutions to what he described as “the scourge of illegal dumping” in Cork City.

The Cork North Central TD said that he and Sinn Féin Councillors are being contacted on almost a daily basis by members of the public who are becoming “increasingly incensed” by the matter and he said that “an intensification” of a multi-agency approach is required.

Mr Gould added;

“The issue of illegal dumping was already a hot topic in Cork City but it seems the problem has worsened during the Covid-19 emergency. People are contacting me constantly about the matter. Honestly, people see it as a scourge that has to be dealt with head-on.

“It is a great source of stress for many. They see rubbish appearing in front of their homes, in greens, on the side of the road and around public bins. People are fed-up with the lack of accountability.

“We need an intensification of the inter-agency approach to illegal dumping in Cork City. This means increased/introduction of covert CCTV and increased presence of Gardaí and Community Litter wardens around litter hot-spots throughout the city. There is also a need for an emphasis on filtering through this rubbish and following up on prosecutions. The public wants offenders brought to book. People need to know that there are real consequences for dumping illegally.

Meanwhile, Cork Sinn Féin City Councillors have previously proposed motions to Cork City Council for remunicipalisation of waste collection as the way forward.

City Cllr Mick Nugent

Sinn Féin Leader on Cork City Council, Cllr Mick Nugent said;

“Local authorities will face major financial challenges due to the impact of Coronavirus but we also have to look at ways of marrying what is sustainable in the long-term and the general public good. Council operated waste collection makes sense especially when you consider the serious costs to councils for clean up, the clear environmental and hygiene problems, and the need for waste services to be more agile when thrown a curveball like has happened during this health emergency.

“Cork City Council successfully managed waste collection for decades before it was privatised. Costs are increasing and dumping is getting worse. Bringing waste collection back under council control is a straightforward and progressive solution that would have a significant impact on people and communities.”

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