Protecting Ireland’s fisheries in Brexit talks

28 May 2020
By Bryan Smyth

We must hold the line at all costs in Brexit fisheries negotiations, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Senator Tim Lombard has raised concerns after a Government analysis revealed that the Irish fishing industry could potentially see a huge slump in some fish quotas if the UK prevails in its ambitions for the sector.

Senator Lombard said: “A good Brexit deal on fisheries is more important now than ever.

“However an Irish Government analysis has shown that quotas for meghrim and monkfish could fall by up 67% and 64% respectively, while cod and haddock could both fall by 48%.

“The whiting quota for the Irish fleet could also fall by 40%. This would be detrimental to the industry here.

“There are conflicting reports over whether or not the EU will relax its red lines on this vital industry and I am keen that we strongly urge Michel Barnier not to give ground on the EU’s – and Ireland’s – key demands on fisheries.

Senator Lombard continued: “The EU has said it will not conclude a Free Trade Agreement with the UK unless there is a separate agreement which grants continued access for European fleets to UK waters.

“We must hold the line firmly on this issue.”

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