A Great Night Out in Cork: The Best Places to Visit

9 June 2020
By Roger Jones


While many tourist attractions are currently closed, they will re-open bit by bit over the coming weeks as the Government’s roadmap for reopening kicks in. Here is a quick run-down of some of the sights to see when normality resumes.

The Blarney Stone is arguably Cork’s most famous tourist attraction. This collection of limestones reportedly grants whoever kisses it the gift of the gab, the ability to express themselves confidently and comfortably.

With thousands of tourists kissing the rock daily, people used to joke that it was unhygienic – and after the COVID19 crisis will things change? You must be flexible enough to receive the gift and lie down while being pushed forward under the stone itself.

After you’ve gone through the rigorous process and acquired the gift of the gab, there are no better ways to test the gift than in Cork. A night out in the city will offer you an excellent opportunity to explore Ireland’s second-biggest city, especially its nocturnal spots and awesome foods, drinks, and entertainment.

Check out the casinos

Cork offers some places where you can put your card gaming skills to the test and try your hands on Omaha hi-lo, Texas Hold’em, and Blackjack, in a Las Vegas-esque casino experience. If you don’t fancy a night out at the casino, Visit NewCasinosUK to stay in and find the perfect online casino for you instead.

Check out Macau Casino and Restaurant Complex, one of the best establishments for casino games in the city. The gaming centre is located on Patrick’s Quay. 

Start from the casino floor where you’ll be greeted by slot machines and table games such as Omaha poker and Texas Hold’ em – a favourite of online poker players.

Check the main poker room out. You’ll be amazed at the pot-limit cash games and no-limit pot cash games, aside from other entertaining tournaments. If you wish to hold a special event, you can book a private event in the casino and have a really fun time.

What if you’re a sports fan and need a comfortable environment to enjoy your favourite sports games? The casino treats its customers to live games such as rugby, boxing, American football, UFC, and baseball.

What better way can you whet your appetite than by enjoying some of the tasty dishes on the menu in the casino’s two restaurants? In the lounge, you can enjoy some delicious steaks and burgers. For Chinese delicacies such as sweet & sour chicken and mouth-watering satay beef, check the Macau Casino Menu.

What about Charlie’s on Union Quay? A visitor to this traditional pub will find a welcome coal fire and some traditional wooden benches. You’ll never regret having some drinks in this super friendly environment. You can also watch some live gigs that may include the Hendrix tributes and traditional Irish folk music.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, otherwise known as a fairy tale for grown-ups, is one of Cork’s prominent outdoor nightclubs where you can find the best DJs and live music. The environment’s ambience will remind you of places like The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and Alice in Wonderland. 

Here, you’ll find a mixture of special sets of tables made from sheep models placed in a glass case and traditional garden decorations such as wooden benches and trellis.

Recently, The Hidden Attic was added to the club. It offers a unique atmosphere and feel. When you check out the décor, you have an image of a random collection of old furniture. Seemingly random objects such as dolls, chess boards, and old films are on display to create an enjoyable atmosphere.


Airstatic is an excellent place for lively activities. During the week, the place is open until 10pm to offer night owls a chance to have fun at their convenience. On Friday and Saturday, the place is open until 11 pm and treats visitors to different types of entertainment such as mini-golf, 10-pin bowling, and arcade amusements. This is a great place to hang out with your friends.

The kitchen and bar serve a variety of drinks and dishes for your enjoyment while having a fun moment with your friends.

An Brog

You’ll have the impression that you’re in another traditional Irish pub when you view An Brog’s exterior. However, you’ll be amazed at the décor and styling when you take a look at the interior. Tables made from old barrels, an old VW campervan and some attractive artwork make the inside a delight to see.

An Brog is well thought out, and owes its layout to a Dublin-based architecture firm, Audrey Gaffney Association.

An Brog has been in existence for years as one of the leading nighttime venues in Cork. The public has been using the place since 1992, and the busy place has never fallen short of the teeming users’ expectations. You also stand a good chance of making some friends in An Brog!

Reidy’s Wine Vault Bar

The only pub on Patrick Street! yet Reidy’s Wine Vault Bar offers solitude and serenity. You can have some peaceful moments with your friends without the noise of An Brog.

You’ll be treated to a selection of pub food and drinks while entertaining yourself in the beer garden. This part of Reidy’s is the ideal place for a night out in the summer.

Cork city has everything you need to have fun in Ireland. Its list of exciting places for a night out makes the city a great relaxation option or individuals who want some peaceful and exciting nights.

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