What to do if the player is blocked by the casino and what solutions are there?

29 August 2020
By Roger Jones


Online casinos have become a leader in entertainment in many areas and have only been going up in the past decade. Despite many people’s opinions, casinos are not here to ruin anyone’s life or steal their money. They simply offer great entertainment for many that involves money.

Having said that, casinos even offer a lot of useful information on how to behave, how to play in general, and how not to ruin your life. On top of that, they have rules that need to be followed and laws that prevent many from making some very bad decisions. One unique example of this is blocking players from entering their site for a while. In some cases, there is simply no need for such a measure and there are also ways you can prevent or bypass this.

Why Do Casinos Block Players?

The answer to this question should be clear enough but still, let’s elaborate. Despite anyone’s opinions, online casinos mainly block players due to bad behavior and as a preventive measure for wasting all of their money. Casinos try to share a message for responsible gambling and it is a rule they prefer everyone to follow. After all, they still need their loyal customers to come back and enjoy the responsible way of gambling entertainment.

So, as a way of making sure you don’t screw up badly and do something you will regret, online casinos simply block you from using their website either forever or for a limited period of time, depending on how serious the situation is.

How Do Casinos Block Players?

Now that you know why this happens, you should also know how they manage to do this and what you need to watch out for before it happens to you as well. This process mainly goes through services like Gamstop. They can block you from one or more websites that support the service.

Now, getting blocked from a website is not only from their side, but it can also be done by you as well. Many addicted gamblers who don’t practice responsible gaming choose to get blocked themselves because they feel it is ruining a certain aspect of their lives. However, doing this can also be self-destructive as it’s best to play responsibly than to completely remove the joy of gambling. This will further force you to become more aggressive towards finding new ways to gamble and spending more money. As you might know, these services will block you from many gambling websites that support them and there are few ways to cancel Gamstop once the action has been completed.

There is actually another way that you can be blocked from using a certain online casino website. On top of the previous reasons mentioned here, you can also be blocked if you live in an area where online gambling is restricted. There are still many countries that don’t allow this and it would be very unfortunate to live in such a country. Fortunately, there are still ways you can bypass this and be entertained.

How Can You Bypass the Blocking System In Online Casinos?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are blocked by the casino’s website and you did not request this block, don’t panic as this could only be a misunderstanding and there are various ways of getting your account unblocked.

Contact Customer Support

Let’s say that you were blocked for an unknown reason and you have no idea why this happened or what to do. In this case, you should always talk to the company that blocked your account via customer support and try to figure out what went wrong. After discovering the reason, you can move the further steps of getting unblocked.

Submitting a Complaint via a Service

If you were blocked for an unfair reason, consider submitting a complaint against the company and you will be treated with a fair response depending on whether your account deserves to be unblocked. Do this only when you are sure you did not deserve the block in the first place.

Other Reasons

When it comes to a case where you are blocked by your own choosing or you simply don’t have access due to geo-restrictions, consider a cancel Gamstop process if your minimum time limit has passed and getting a VPN service if you have geo-restrictions.


Hopefully, all of this has made this topic and issue clearer for you and you now know what to expect and how to fix it if such a problem should ever occur. Always consider gambling responsibly so that you never run into any issues.

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