The Changing Climate of UK’s Gambling Industry

31 August 2020
By Roger Jones


The United Kingdom seems to be quite interested in changing the dynamics of its gambling industry.

Scrapping old regulations and including new rules- these have always been a part of the UK’s gambling laws. Therefore, it does not much come in as a surprise when the gambling industry pushes headlines.

However, things now are more serious than what we had initially fathomed. Some massive tectonic shifts are on their way, and we need to observe how they all unfurl closely.

A number of measures are now being brought in to exert tighter control of the industry. And this also includes imposing several bans on some gambling adverts.

Therefore, the gambling scene in the UK is not all positive.

The Proposed Changes in a Nutshell

Let us catch you up to speed over here and throw some light on the changes that have been proposed.

  • A blanket ban on online and television gambling adverts
  • Online slots to have a £2 stake limit
  • VIP schemes running various gambling activities to no longer be available
  • Customers to be provided with affordability checks
  • Refurbishing games and controlling designs
  • A new ombudsman on the block

While some of these suggested measures might be refreshing, most of them could impede the growth of the gambling industry.

The Shift in the Dynamics Due to the Pandemic:

The suggested measures that we mentioned a while ago were just one set of challenges for the industry. The other set of challenges came in a few months ago in the guise of the global pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has shut down many of the land-based casinos. And this has caused a major blow to the industry.

The only ray of hope is the online casinos. And this is true for every other country.

Several nations around the planet are relying on sites like to keep the gambling industry afloat.

The nation now has two sets of challenges to brave if it is to keep the gambling sector alive.

What is about to Change?

Having provided the details in a nutshell, we shall try to examine what these mean for the UK’s gambling industry.

Many critics are of the view that these measures will push people to venture into unethical and illegal gambling grounds. Betting offshore into unregulated territories might become a trend.

And this shall not reflect well on the UK’s cultural and legal fabric. The measures might eventually lead to an uncharted growth of criminal activities related to gambling.

Plus, the gambling industry has always been a massive support to the UK’s economy in uncertain times.

It has contributed significantly to the economy. And now with these blanket bans and stricter rules, the economy might suffer massive blows. One of the most concerning parts of the entire affair is that the economy right now is at its weakest.

Online casinos had been contributing significantly to the recovery of the UK’s economy. However, with the bans on adverts and promotions, the online business might suffer.

And this shall not help the recovery of the economy any longer.

What is in Store for the Future of Gambling in the UK?

The question that most of us are asking ourselves now is that of how the future would look like. Suggestions from all sectors are now flowing in regarding the redesigning of online slot machines.

Most people are of the following view that there might be bans on split-screen games. Time caps might be implemented on several games.

Plus, classification of games could be made based on the addictive qualities of individuals. A cap on the winnings and prizes is also potentially underway. Initially, people could avail multiple slots at a time.

However, things are now changing with the proposed bans. Players might now be granted access to just one slot at a time.


The gambling industry has always shown great potential for thriving and adapting. They have braved decades of rough weather and impediments.

While these stringent measures might not show a promising future for the gambling industry, one can hope for the best.

One can expect that the industry shall overcome these obstacles yet again and find a way to thrive.

The gambling industry has always thrived, blossomed and flourished. And one can only hope for the same yet again.

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