POLITICS: Government need to intervene in Debenhams dispute

2 November 2020
By Tom Collins

File photo of Debenhams Store shopfront

Deputy Thomas Gould, Sinn Fein TD for Cork North Central, has today called on government TDs who stood with Debenhams workers on the picket line to “break their silence” and intervene in support of these workers.

Deputy Gould said:

“KPMG have made a second offer to Mandate representatives. This is lower than the last offer and doesn’t begin to address the fair redundancy sought by Debenhams workers. These workers have now been on the picket line for over 200 days and this dispute needs to be resolved.

“If KPMG are refusing to work with Mandate to come up with a resolution, it is now up to the government. Government TDs, here in Cork and nationally, who were happy to stand on picket lines need to come out now and support the Debenhams workers.

“This is an industrial dispute not a photo opportunity. It is long past time that the Duffy Cahill report recommendations are implemented. There has been radio silence from certain TDs who were on picket lines a number of months ago and have now voted against supporting a resolution for these workers.

“How long will the government allow KPMG and Debenhams leave the workers waiting for a fair redundancy? Shame on them for their treatment of these workers.

“Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have a long history of undermining and voting against workers in this country. This needs to end. We need protections in place to stop the scandalous treatment of Irish workers by unscrupulous employers.”

Thomas Gould TD

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