HEALTH POLITICS: HSE statement on @MTU_ie Vaccine Clinic is confusing – says TD

13 April 2021
By Tom Collins

Sinn Fein TD for Cork North Central has today called on the Minister for Health to clarify comments by the HSE that the vaccine clinic situated in the Munster Technological University campus is a ‘GP clinic’ vaccinating only people over 70, and operating only on a rolling fortnightly basis.

Teachta Gould said:

“The clinic at MTU was billed as one of Cork’s key mass vaccination centres. Instead, it would appear to be regularly closed and is only operating as a GP clinic.

“The Minister and the Taoiseach have both told me this is a mass vaccination clinic. There is no clear evidence as to why this is only being utilised to vaccinate over-70s, why it is regularly closed or whether it will remain open once the over-70 cohort has been fully vaccinated.

“We need to be seeing a ramping up of vaccinations. People in Bishopstown and surrounding areas should be confident that, when it is their turn, they will be able to attend a mass vaccination clinic in their own area.

“We’ve already had issues raised with the unfair distribution of mass vaccination centres. There should be one on the Northside and now it turns out that there’s not even a real clinic in Bishopstown either.

“The government are failing to give people confidence in the vaccine rollout. The crossed messages between them and the HSE is causing serious confusion and worry. The advertisement of the MTU clinic as a mass vaccination clinic is just another example of this.”

Thomas Gould TD has long said he wants more resources on his side of town (The North side)

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