Many people cannot afford their Local Property Tax (LPT) – says Cork TD

6 July 2021
By Mary Bermingham

Mounting debt from Local Property Tax Deferral ‘worrying’ – Thomas Gould

Sinn Fein TD for Cork North Central has today said that the mounting debts for people deferring payment of their local property to tax due to inability to pay is extremely worrying. His comments come in light of information revealed by Revenue today at the Oireachtas Housing Committee showing that, on average, 43,000 people defer payment every year.

Local Property Tax (LPT) is charged on residential properties

Deputy Gould said:

“Currently, those who defer are charged 4% interest on the tax. While this will be reduced to 3%, it is completely unacceptable that we have a debt mounting for those who are unable to afford the Local Property Tax.

“For many people, this debt will be a source of real anxiety. Every year they are unable to afford the tax, the debt grows and interest is added on.

“If the Local Property Tax was actually a wealth tax then this wouldn’t be happening. We wouldn’t be saddling huge and growing bills on ordinary people who can’t afford them. Instead, those who could pay would pay more and those who couldn’t wouldn’t. That is what a progressive wealth tax, like Sinn Fein support, would look like…”

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