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TheCork.ie – The Online Newspaper for Cork, Ireland was established in 2010. We are an advertising supported news outlet. The site is updated daily by Journalists and Contributors who live and work in Cork, Ireland.

Our readers are people who are interested in Cork. Many live in Cork, while others are former residents – the so-called Leeaspora (a play on the word Diaspora) – now living abroad and wanting to keep in touch with news back home.

If you are a PR firm, or have stories about your area of Cork, then please email your copy to news@TheCork.ie. Photographs are also welcome. We also would be delighted to receive commercial enquiries about advertising on TheCork.ie

News website Disclaimer
TheCork.ie is a news website and as such it contains views, and statements from a variety of sources, including – but not limited to – political parties and other causes. TheCork.ie does necessarily agree with or endorse any of these views or statements.

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