Flooding hit Cork for six

TODAY, October, October 19, marks the 11th month since the devastating floods in Cork city which saw thousands of homes left without drinking water, over 100 families evacuated from their homes and hundreds of businesses destroyed.

Tonight a meeting will take place at the Cork County Cricket Club on The Markdyke at 8pm for those affected by the flooding to investigate what is happening with the relief, answers and reassurances promised to them by the Government last year. With the pending winter months and threats of further flooding, Cork residents are feeling very anxious.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s meeting, Deputy Deirdre Clune has said “the way the Government are treating the people of Cork and their overall response to the emergency is simply not acceptable.”

“In July the Minister for Environment, John Gormely received a recommendation from the Oirechtas Committee to establish an independent investigation into the flooding. And nothing has been done about it. It is an absolute disgrace and it leaves the people of Cork very vulnerable.”

“I believe the job of the ESB should be to manage the damn rather than creating electricity. It is absolutely alarming that no reassurances have been given or efforts made to prevent further flooding.”

“Once again, I am calling on the Minister to at least implement the investigation and give the people of Cork some comfort this winter.”

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