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10 June 2024 By David Lynch david@TheCork.ie Final Results of Cork County Council Local Elections 2024   All 55 seats for Cork County Council have now been filled following the 2024 Local Elections. Fianna Fáil is now the largest party on Cork County Council with 19 Elected Members, followed by Fine Gael with 18. There... Read More
7 Decemver 2023 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie Being a Cllr is a part time job, historically many Cllrs were self-employed or had an understanding employer who would let them attend meetings during work hors – but society has changed with greater expectations, and social media demands Independent Senators have emphasised problems that will lead to... Read More
21 March 2020 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Bus routes must be nationalised and funded to survive Coronavirus’s impact, says Politician Workers’ Party councillor Ted Tynan has called for all long-distance bus services serving Cork, along with a range of other public transport options, to be nationalised, in order to survive the impact of the Coronavirus.... Read More
28 March 2019 By Bryan Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan has called for stricter enforcement of speed limits on the Old Youghal Road, particularly the section of the road between St. Joseph’s Church and Mayfield Village which Cllr. Tynan described as “an accident waiting to happen”. The Mayfield based councillor said that since... Read More
15 October 2017, Sunday By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie The Workers’ Party is to hold a vigil on Cork’s St. Patrick’s this evening to highlight the growing level of homelessness both locally and nationally and in protest at what the party called the government’s’ “snail’s pace” housing programme Workers’ Party activist and event organiser, Karen Collins,... Read More
24 July 2017 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Potential new traders with established bona fides unable to get stalls while others remain empty The Cork City Workers’ Party Councillor, Ted Tynan, has said that Cork’s Coal Quay market on Cornmarket Street needs to be opened up to new stall-holders while retaining current ones and being revitalised.... Read More
26 April 2017 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Data shows that National Minimum Wage is being treated as a standard rate by many employers Cork Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan has said that data released by the Central Statistics Office today (Wednesday) shows that what is meant to be a statutory National Minimum Wage is in... Read More