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29 July 2021 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie University College Cork is celebrating following the historic, medal-winning successes by its students and graduates at the Olympic Games. UCC has seven undergraduates at the Olympics in Tokyo, meaning UCC has more students on Team Ireland than any other Higher Education Institute in the country. Paul O’Donovan and... Read More
26 July 2021 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie More than one hundred community groups across Cork County are set to receive funding under the Community Enhancement Programme 2021. The programme aims to help communities to carry out minor improvements to buildings including energy-saving projects, renovate community centres, develop community amenities and purchase equipment. The county-wide allocation... Read More
26 July 2021 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie Cork County Council has today formally signed up to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP). Getting on board with this ambitious five-year roadmap to help bees and nature is further evidence of the Council’s commitment to playing a leading role in making its land more pollinator friendly. One-third of... Read More