Clllr. Ted Tynan calls for check on speeding cars on Old Youghal Road

28 March 2019
By Bryan Smyth

Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan has called for stricter enforcement of speed limits on the Old Youghal Road, particularly the section of the road between St. Joseph’s Church and Mayfield Village which Cllr. Tynan described as “an accident waiting to happen”.

The Mayfield based councillor said that since the road widens out beyond the church many drivers have a tendency to put their foot on the accelerator and some were treating the road as a speedway.

“The Old Youghal Road is a very busy stretch of roadway and unfortunately many drivers are extremely irresponsible and speed up after once they’ve reached the widest point of the road. It’s like a light goes on in their head telling them to put the foot down”, said Cllr. Tynan.

“Not only is this a busy stretch of road but it is an access point to a number of schools and hundreds of children use it daily. In addition there is a large older population in the area. I have regular reports of people complaining about cars and other vehicles failing to stop at the pedestrian crossings adjacent to schools, shops and homes”.

Cllr. Tynan has called on the City Council Roads Department to take measures to limit the speed limit on the Old Youghal Road and to ensure that those exceeding the speed limit or failing to obey traffic lights are penalised for this reckless behaviour.

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