Green Party must get off the fence on flooding report says Labours Lynch

When it comes to dealing with the aftermath of the last November’s devastating floods in Cork the game of pass the parcel has become the national pastime as far as the Green Party s concerned.

Earlier this year, the Oireachtas Environment Committee published a report on the floods, a report that on my insistence included a specific recommendation that an in dependent expert group be appointed by Environment Minister John Gormley to investigate the events.

The report and its recommendations were particularly well researched and produced, and there was some optimism at the time that Minister Gormley would respond positively.

Unfortunately this has not been the case and despite several opportunities that we have given to meet with the committee to discuss the report, he has continued to snub us.

Today, as local residents once again look for some answers, Green Party Senator Dan Boyle is claiming that it’s nothing to do with his party, and that blame for any delays should be placed at the door of Fianna Fail Junior Minister Martin Mansergh.

We have become accustomed to the Greens ducking and diving like this but failing to step up and accept responsibility for a situation that a developed right under their own nose marks a new low.

Clearly Mr Gormley cannot take all the blame for what transpired as extreme weather took hold in areas around the country in November last year, but as the point man for the local government system, he cannot simply walk away in this manner.

It is my view that this matter can only be resolved if the recommendations of our report are carried out, and I believe that Minister Gormley must now get off the fence and publicly state whether or not he backs our reasonable recommendations.

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