Shanakiel Hospital offers new knee procedure

Shanakiel Hospital, Cork, has announced that it is the first hospital in Ireland to provide a revolutionary new knee replacement surgery solution which will considerably enhance the pre-operative, operative and post-operative process and end result for patients. This system will be welcome news for sportspeople and those whose daily lives are inhibited by reduced mobility due to knee injuries.

Under the new system, patients requiring knee replacement surgery will receive a highly precise pre-operative analysis through 3D web planning based on CT or MRI images, with unmistakable positioning and a minimally invasive operative procedure. Patients therefore, should expect to spend less time in hospital with faster rehabilitation anticipated through using the new system.

One of the orthopaedic surgeons at Shanakiel Hospital has been performing this new revolutionary procedure in the hospital since September 2010. Results have indicated that recovery time is proving to be much reduced, enabling patients generally to resume normal activities and return to function sooner.

An internationally accredited facility, the 44-bed independent hospital also delivers specialist care in a wide range of clinical disciplines, on an in-patient and day-care basis.

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