Public Bike Scheme in City

Councillor Kenneth O’Flynn (FF)has welcomed the decision by Cork City Council that a project team be established to fund public amenity projects such as a Public Bike Scheme.

The idea of a Public Bike Scheme was one that Councillor O’Flynn brought to the attention of the Council last year and he is enthusiastic that the Council is now responding positively to the idea.

Speaking on the idea O’Flynn said; “Bicycle sharing is increasingly popular in other cities including Dublin. Under the scheme a number of bicycles would be made available for shared use by individuals who do not own the bicycles. This scheme removes the difficulties of daily cycling use, such as: home parking, theft and maintenance of your private bicycle.”

Councillor O’Flynn said that a team comprising of representatives from the Roads Directive as well as the Planning and Directorate is now being assembled and the team will meet with the service providers in the coming months with a view to bringing a report before the members of the Council at the end of March 2011.

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