More jobs in the ICT area for Cork – Clune

Fine Gael Senator Deirdre Clune is welcoming the further investment in Cork which was announced today. The Chinese firm Huawei is to open a new research and development centre, spread across two sites in Dublin and Cork. This development will result in the creation of 50 jobs. Huawei is a prominent global ICT brand, the company best known among consumers for its USB dongles which connect to mobile broadband services. “Further jobs being created in the ICT area is a major sign of confidence in Cork and Ireland as a hub for the technology business. This new facility will see further investment from Huawei over a number of years and this could lead to future expansion of the company. “This investment follows the release of extremely positive figures from IDA earlier in the week. Clearly companies recognise the high quality of our work force and the high standard of our education. The government’s focus on research and innovation is working. “The Irish Technology Group is holding their 5th annual ‘Global Technology Leaders Summit’ in City Hall in Cork on January 22nd. This group promotes the connection between Silicon Valley in the USA and Ireland. “This event is further testament to the global confidence in Cork and putting it on the map as great place to do business particularly for the technology sector. “I will continue my efforts to identify other opportunities for Cork in this area and research the needs of the sector in terms of skills and education.”

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