Pedestrian walkway from Passage to Carrigaline

In July 2012, consultants on behalf of Cork County Council, completed a Feasibility Study on the development of an 8km greenway (shared walking and cycling route) between Passage West and Carrigaline, and including a branch to Ringaskiddy. This will link the Rochestown to Passage West and Carrigaline to Crosshaven routes and thereby provide a continuous dedicated walking and cycling route from Rochestown to Crosshaven, while also making important links with transport connections at the Carrigaloe cross river ferry (and hence onwards to Cobh) and the international passenger ferry terminal at Ringaskiddy. The Greenway will serve as a high quality amenity for walkers and cyclists of all ages while also improving facilities accessing local employment and schools, thereby promoting sustainable travel options. The scheme will be of particular benefit to local communities in terms of health benefits but also the social capital gain from increased civic engagement and community ownership of the greenway. There is also a potential economic benefit from the scheme, estimated to be in the order of €2m annually, direct to the local economy. The Council are now actively pursuing the implementation of Phase 1 of the route, which has an estimated cost of over three quarters of a million euro.

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