[Audio] Irish Water not popular among Cork City Councillors

14th January 2014, Tuesday 2pm
By David O’Sullivan

A Cork City Councillor is calling on householders to “smash their
water metres” !

Cllr Ted Tynan from the Workers Party has been against water charging
since the idea was first mooted.

At last nights Council meeting he said he will “stand alongside anyone
who smashes their water meter”,
and he labelled Irish Water as “mechanism for companies to make
massive profits on the backs of Irish people”.


Irish Water’s 50 million euro consultant bill is up for discussion today.

An Oireachtas Environment Committee will hear the agencies explanation
as to why it spent half of its startup budget on advice from outside

another Cork City Councillor Mick Barry, from the Socialist Party says
no excuse can “explain away” such a high spend


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