Animal Rights Group unhappy with Flatley horn

28th January 2014
By Bryan Smyth

The Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) has this morning fired off a
stiff letter to Michael Flatley in relation to the reported robbery of
a rhino horn at his home in North Cork yesterday evening. The
organisation is incensed that the high-profile dancer, musician,
presenter would be in possession of such an item of immense cruelty on
display at his home without ever, for a moment, thinking of the
violence and illegal trade that has, and is, currently taking place in
Africa, and which is fuelled by such selfish people buying these items
for hideous display.

ARAN’s letter is as follow:-

Dear Mr. Flatley,

We at ARAN, have read with interest about your distress over a
reported burglarly of a rhino horn that occurred at your home
yesterday evening. Whilst I am sure the break-in was traumatic and
stressful on you and your family’s part, has it set in or even
occurred to you that neither you nor those who stole the horn are the
rightful owners? That horn once belonged to a sentient living animal
who’s very species is in serious trouble right now due to poaching and
hunting. The animals are literally on the brink of being wiped off the
face of the planet. In order to obtain a rhino horn, the animal must
first be shot dead, which can often be more than one bullet before the
animal has much of its faced hacked off in order to get to the root of
the horn that you so casually had on display at your home. Have you
thought for even a moment how much violence and crime was behind the
origin of that “ornament”?

You clearly have wealth, but it seems certain that you’re completely
lacking in any compassion for animals and certainly for the rhino,
who, just you like ourselves, want to eek out an existence in this
often pathetic world.

If the rhino horn is returned to you, may we suggest that you donate
it to ARAN So that we can publicly burn this item of immense cruelty,
and in order to show the nation that the real victim was indeed the
animal who’s only remains now are somewhere scattered on a ground.

We look forward to your reply,

John Carmody

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