[Audio] Special Childrens Ambulance admired in UCC

28th March 2014
By Bryan T. Smyth

Students in UCC yesterday had the chance to inspect a new ambulance designed specially for Children.

It’s called BUMBLEance, which is a play on words because it’s painted bright yellow like a bumble bee.

The idea if to make a child feel like a “queen bee” or king, on the otherwise unpleasant journey to or from hospital. Not one, but two!,
parents can travel with their child.

amb with logo 20140327_131827

The ambulance was the idea of Kerry couple Tony and Mary Heffernan, they have dedicated their lives to helping children with fatal Battens  Disease after their own daughter Saoirse passed away from the condition, and it continues to touch their lives.

The charity is raising money for cost of four more vehicles, so that all provinces can have one.

A private ambulance company LifeLine drives the Ambulance and operates it day to day.

Tony Heffernan told TheCork.ie about the BUMBLEance


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