[Audio] Cork City Council debates cutting Local Property Tax

29th September 2014
By Bryan Smyth

Householders across Cork City might save 80 euro a year.

depending on a decision due to be made in City Hall.

This evening the elected Cork City Councillors will debate the reducing the
Local Property Tax at a meeting in City Hall this evening.

Last week Cork County Council voted to reduce Local Property Tax in County
Cork by 10 percent, and today in the separate City area there are proposals
Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, and the Anti Austerity Alliance for a 15 percent

The unelected management of City Council and certain parties will argue
that the City is cash-strapped and cannot afford to reduce the tax too much.

Department of the Environment figures show that in theory Cork City Council
could reduce the tax by 5.4% and just-about break even and maintain

Sinn Fein Leader on the Council is Cllr Chris O’Leary from Mahon. He says a
reduction would give ordinary householders extra money before Christmas
(although Fine Gael Cllr Des Cahill from Ballintemple highlighted how the
financial benefits
won’t be felt until March of next year)


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