Cork businessman elected to prestigious European board

29th November 2014
By Elaine Murphy

Mr Noel Clehane, Chairman of the Brussels Branch of European Movement (EM) Ireland, was elected today to the Board of the prestigious European Movement International organisation. A Cork native, Mr Clehane, works with BDO International and has led the Brussels branch of EM Ireland in a voluntary capacity since it was founded in March 2013.

The elections took place at the annual Federal Assembly of European Movement International in Rome where twelve board members were elected, including prominent MEPs from across the political divide.

Speaking after the results were announced, Ms Noelle O Connell, Executive Director of European Movement Ireland, said “We are delighted and proud to see an Irish representative secure a place on the board of our international body, representing as it does over 40 National Councils and 30 different membership associations. Noel brings vast experience to the table but places on the Board are highly prized, so his appointment is testament to his personal commitment to make a huge contribution to the work of the organisation.”

Mr Clehane added “I am pleased and honoured to have secured election to the board on behalf of EM Ireland and want to express my gratitude to the superb team at EM Ireland and its branch in Brussels who supported me so ably in my campaign. I will be an active EM International board member representing what is the oldest organisation in Ireland dealing with Irish-EU issues. In particular, I intend to bring my extensive private sector experience with BDO in business and EU public policy affairs, to bear to ensure that the business benefits of a well-functioning European Union are central to EMI activities and its board discussions.”

About European Movement Ireland’s Brussels Branch
Established in March 2013, European Movement Ireland’s Brussels Branch, which is voluntary in nature, aims to facilitate networking and enhance collaboration opportunities between European Movement Ireland’s Brussels and Irish-based members. The Branch works to promote the organisation’s aims and priorities and seeks to become a successful and vibrant extension of European Movement Ireland based overseas.
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About European Movement International
The European Movement is an international organisation open to all political, economic, social and cultural trends in civil society. Its objective is to contribute to the establishment of a united, federal Europe founded on the principles of peace, democracy, liberty, solidarity, and respect for basic human rights. It seeks to provide a structure to encourage and facilitate the active participation of citizens and civil society organisations in the development of a united Europe. Its national councils and associated member organisations work towards bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises, trade unions and individual lobbyists.
For more information, visit www.europeanmovement.ieu

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