Racist graffiti

2 April 2015
By Elaine Murphy

Anti Austerity Alliance councillors Lil O’Donnell and Mick Barry have
condemned racist graffiti which was painted on the side wall of an
African shop in Shandon Street this week.

The graffiti (below) read: “Blacks Out” and included a Celtic Cross, a
symbol used by many neo-nazi and extreme right racist groups

The graffiti appears to have been painted Monday. It was later
painted over by a local anti-racist campaigner.

Cllr Lil O’Donnell said: “I would like the African community in our
city to know that the ordinary people of Cork give no support to this
kind of disgraceful message. I have lived here on the Northside all
my life and can say without fear of contradiction that ordinary
Northsiders would find this kind of graffiti to be racist and

Cllr Mick Barry said: “I am concerned at a certain increase in racist
activity across the country at the moment. There should be zero
tolerance of this kind of activity in Cork or anywhere else. I
congratulate the anti-racist activist who painted out this graffiti.
I hope everyone else shows the same degree of conscientiousness in
fighting to keep this filthy ideology out of our city.”

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