Cork firms ‘get energized’ about increasing efficiency

27 April 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth

Cork businesses have been finding out about the latest ways to cut
their energy costs at a special energy efficiency briefing held by
competitive energy provider Energia.

The briefings held with the Cork Chamber of Commerce are designed to
educate businesses about energy efficiency, allowing them to further
reduce their energy costs. The purpose of this training is to help
companies develop and implement their own energy management systems,
helping them cut their energy bills and CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

Businesses that attended included Auditel, Dex Green and Wisetec.

Cormac Mannion, Energy Services Manager, Energia commented: “Energia
has developed considerable expertise in the area of energy efficiency
training. We have helped to boost many businesses’ competitiveness by
giving them the knowledge and tools that help them save money by
reducing their energy consumption.”

“There are also valuable environmental benefits – by reducing their
usage by 10%, each company will significantly reduce their annual CO2

“Energia are now offering customers grants to help our customers fund
their energy efficiency projects and help them realise even greater
savings through utilisation of cutting edge technology. The scheme
provides businesses with funding for up to 30% of the cost of energy
saving projects. Replacing lighting, upgrading heating systems and
refrigeration, variable speed drives and air compressors are all part
of the funding scheme.

“Not only will your business benefit from the funding provided by
Energia but with the additional cost savings from the reduction in
energy usage means that these projects can literally pay for
themselves. The typical savings that can be achieved for each project
are detailed here:

1. Lighting: Reduce your lighting costs by up to 75% by switching to LED.

2. Heating: Installing modern controls can save at least 25% of annual
heating costs.

3. Refrigeration: Upgrading refrigeration can bring savings of up to 30%.

“In addition, Energia will also provide expertise and assistance with
implementation of your project. Whether you are implementing the
project yourself or you require assistance from our carefully selected
group of partners, Energia can help to get your project underway with
safety and quality at the core.”

“Note that projects need to have a minimum capital value of €15,000 to
qualify for funding.”

Energia’s web site ( contains information on how to
conduct a simple self audit and detailed information on energy
efficiency in business.

Energia has a 26% market share of the Irish business electricity and
gas market supplying the energy needs of over 60,000 business
customers. In addition to renewable assets, the company also operates
a 750MW gas fired power station in north Dublin.

Energia is also powering Irish homes nationwide in the residential
electricity and gas market. Energia’s dual fuel offer will guarantee
consumers savings of up to 15% off standard rates.

Energia has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.

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