Sexual wellness conference comes to Cork

26 June 2015
By Tom Collins


This Saturday and Sunday, Cork Feminista will host a two-day conference on the topic of sexual wellness. The conference will consist of discussions, presentations, workshops, and performances. We will explore various topics such as disability, sex work, culture and pornography among others.

Our ultimate aim is to create a conference that explores the diversity, positivity, and power of sexual wellbeing through experiential and research-based knowledge as well as artistic expression. We hope to attract a diverse audience of women and men of various backgrounds and ages.

Cork Feminista is a voluntary feminist organisation that was founded in August 2010. We arrange monthly meetings around topical human rights and feminist issues, manage a feminist film collective, facilitate creative workshops, fundraisers, and campaign events, as well as manage social networking websites, an online blog, and compose a weekly E-Newsletter.

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