Unserviced boilers are putting lives at risk in Council Houses – says Cllr

3 March 2016
By Bryan T. Smyth

Fianna Fail City Cork City Cllr Kenneth N. O’Flynn has  major concerns regarding boiler services in Cork City. In response to a question put forward to the Chief Executive of the City Council, it was confirmed that over 4,000 boilers were serviced in 2015 despite the fact that up to 3,500 boilers have not been serviced to date.

Cork City Cllr Ken O'Flynn (FF)
Cork City Cllr Ken O’Flynn (FF)

City Council has stated that they have not been able to gain access to certain homes, however Cllr. O’Flynn said “We are playing with people’s lives and it is too dangerous not to service peoples boilers, also, as City Council is the biggest landlord in the City I believe we may be in breach of contract taking in to consideration we have a duty of care”.

Cllr. O’Flynn went on to say “considering the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, Cork City Council are putting people’s lives in jeopardy. We should count our blessings that nobody has been seriously injured to date”.

Logo of Cork City Council
Logo of Cork City Council

Cork City Council intend in 2016 to survey the boilers in all its housing stock and thereby fully identify and service the boilers that may have been omitted in 2016 due to access difficulties.

Cllr O’Flynn concluded “This is unacceptable when you are playing whit people’s lives, Cork City Council have passed the boiler servicing on to a private contractor and considering tenants of the City Council are paying over €100 a year for boiler servicing this is simply not good enough”

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