Mac Curtain Street rebranded by local businesses as Cork’s ‘Victorian Quarter’

26 January 2017
By Bryan Smyth

Business Update

The Victorian Quarter, comprised of Mac Curtain street and the surrounding area, have launched their new brand. Cork’s Victorian Quarter is a unique historical destination offering an eclectic mix of speciality retail, hospitality and entertainment experiences. The Victorian Quarter is on the north side of the River Lee and is comprised of MacCurtain Street and the surrounding area.

The Victorian Quarter contains a delightful mix of independent sole traders, retailers, restaurants, pubs, a theatre, a comedy club, hotels, churches, schools and homes. The eclectic mix of Victorian architecture, early twentieth-century architecture and broad streets adds to a deep–rooted sense of history, which pulsates through the area creating a unique and quirky mix of bohemian style and old world grandeur. A stroll through the Victorian Quarter offers a glimpse into both the past and the future where the old and new Cork lives harmoniously together.

2016 was an incredible year for the area. In June, the inaugural Soul in the City Festival took place in the Victorian Quarter. The festival highlighted Cork’s finest soul musicians and showcased what the area of the city has to offer. In November, the area won a runner up prize at the prestigious IPB All Ireland Pride of Place Awards, following a nomination by Cork City Council.

The Victorian Quarter has been reenergised with the arrival of new businesses and renovation of existing establishments in the past 12 months. The traders association have undergone various tasks and projects to revitalise and improve the visitors experience to the area.
The new Victorian Quarter logo presents icons which visually represent the Victorian Quarter. The icons have been created with longevity in mind – as the Victorian Quarter evolves the icons will continue to be relevant.

Looking at the logo, imagine seeing an overhead view of Cork city, where the left bank is the bustling Victorian Quarter, the white space is the River Lee, and the contemporary triangle represents the heart of the city. This triangle is red to represent Cork.
The logo icons symbolise community, social, business, food & drink, retail, leisure, music, history, architecture, culture, people, connectivity, music, arts and entertainment. These elements combined represent what makes Cork’s Victorian Quarter so special and unique.

In 2017, the Soul in the City Festival will return offering the best of soul music and soul food to the Victorian Quarter. Iconic buildings such as The Metropole Hotel, The Everyman Theatre and Isaacs Hotel will celebrate their 120th birthdays in style (watch this space). Finally, The Victorian Quarter Traders Association will continue to focus on branding and marketing the Victorian Quarter in partnership with Cork City Council.

The branding of the Victorian Quarter forms part of the City Centre Strategy, where Cork City Council and its partners work closely with local character areas to market and promote their distinct characteristics.

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