ENTERTAINMENT: Things to do and see in Cork

12 May 2017
By Bryan Smyth

Cork Entertainment News

With Summer just around the corner, here are our top tips for the best things to do in Cork.

The Festivals
Depending on what time of your you choose to go, you’ll often find a festival or two happening in Cork. They run throughout the year, and incorporate all sorts of niches including jazz, film, folk music, history, music, literature, and Ireland itself. If you love discovering new artists in any genre or simply adore meeting new people and learning new things, you might want to base your trip around attending at least one of these fantastic festivals.

The Food
Cork is a beautiful place, full of winding, cobbled streets and with plenty of intimate restaurants and bars that will be only too happy to welcome you into if you choose to step inside. Cork’s reputation as a gourmet destination is growing by the year, with more and more top restaurants opening there. It would be a shame to visit this city and only sample fast food and chain takeaways – to get a true taste of Ireland, and Cork in particular, you need to eat the local cuisine. If you’re too busy to sit in a proper restaurant, or you simply prefer being out and about, why not use a food delivery service such as Deliveroo? You can get your food delivered to you, so you don’t have to miss out on the nightlife, or the tasty meals.

The Drink
Of course, Cork is home to a variety of excellent pubs too. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a Guinness though – the drink of choice in Cork is either Beamish or Murphy’s. It stout is not your tipple there are plenty of other things to choose from including cocktails and soft drinks. It all depends on what takes your fancy, and where you want to spend your drinks’ money.

The Adventure
The fact that it is possible to hire a kayak and go for a trip down the river that flows through Cork’s centre proves, if proof were needed, that Cork really does have something for everyone. The River Lee runs around either side of Cork, and if you choose to take an evening sail, passing beneath its beautiful bridges, you’ll find that you reach Blackrock Castle. It’s both exhilarating and breath-taking.

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