UNLIKELY BUT TRUE: SIX sets of twins starting school in one Cork school

23 August 2017
By Elaine Murphy

The children started two by two as they began their first day of secondary school in Coláiste and Gaelcholáiste Choilm, Ballincollig. Among the 226 students starting First Year are a remarkable six sets of twins. Comprising of sets of identical and fraternal twins, these siblings are traveling from Inniscarra, Ovens, Tower, Classes Lake and Ballincollig town itself to attend this popular post-primary school, known for both its strong academic credentials and its extra-curricular activities.

While six sets of twins all starting in the same school, in the same year is a rare phenomenon, it is not unprecedented. In 2007, the First-Year class of Coláiste and Gaelcholáiste Choilm also included six sets of twins, so the staff have already adjusted their double vision!

At Coláiste and Gaelcholáiste Choilm, Friday August 25th marks the first day of second level education with an Induction Day for their incoming 118 girls and 108 boys. Students will be introduced to their new classes and meet their Year Head, their tutors and the Transition Year students who will be their mentors for the year. The transition from primary school to second level is always an exciting time for students and their families, but it can also be a daunting time for many, as they are leaving friends behind and entering a new and often bigger environment.

Pictured ahead of their first day of second level education on Friday 25th August are twins Andrew & Alex Okpoy, Amber & Alanagh Healy, Adam & Ethan Butler, David & Jonathan Keane, Kamile & Mileta Riskute, and Conor & Aoife Morey.
Photo: Cathal Noonan

The Pastoral Care support offered to all students in Coláiste and Gaelcholáiste Choilm ensures a smooth transition. From the outset, these new students are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular activities available in the school, such as the drama club, choir, robotics club or the many school sports teams. Getting involved is a sure way of meeting new friends and feeling a sense of belonging to the school. There is never much sleep had the night before the first day of school and for the parents of these twins in particular, they will have double the trouble on their hands! Uniforms are pristine, shoes are shining and faces are glowing with anticipation of the exciting years and opportunities ahead.

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