PUBLIC WATER FOUNTAINS: would reduce use of plastic bottles

20 November 2018
By Mary Bermingham

Local election candidate for Clonakilty-Skibbereen, Evie Nevin, is calling for Cork County Council to install public water fountains throughout West Cork.

Evie, who is hoping to secure a seat on Cork County Council next year, believes that installing drinking fountains will contribute to the war against single use plastics.

The European Parliament recently voted to ban single use plastics. The goal is that by 2025 90 per cent of plastic bottles will be recycled.

“Plastic bottles are one of the top culprits when it comes to marine pollution. They can travel long distances and damage marine flora and fauna.

With the Waste Reduction Bill passing the initial stages in the Oireachtas, we should be looking at practical solutions now in deterring people from using plastic bottles,” says the Social Democrats candidate.

Several Dublin Councils are planning to install public water fountains with the aim of reducing single use plastics. Dublin City Council is currently identifying pilot locations to trial water refill stations.

“West Cork’s food industry depends on a thriving marine environment. We are famous for our seafood so it is vital that we protect the environment so that we can continue to provide jobs, not just in fisheries but in the hospitality and tourism industry too,” says Ms Nevin.

Ireland produces the equivalent of nearly 2,000 water bottles, or 5,550 disposal coffee cups, per person annually. We are the top producer of plastic waste in Europe; generating an average of 61kgs per person every year. This is almost double of what the UK produces.

“The people of West Cork are quite environmentally minded and there is a zero waste movement gaining momentum so I believe the drinking fountains initiative would be a welcome addition to the movement. I have been in touch with Cork County Council who said they are considering the initiative,” concludes Evie.

To help Evie’s campaign for drinking fountains, see

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