Cork citizens encouraged to check the register in light of boundary extension

12 February 2019
By Mary Bermingham

The Final Register of Electors 2019/2020 has been published for the extended city of Cork.

A total of 62,567 voters will see their vote transfer from Cork County Council to Cork City Council in this May’s local elections.

The total number of electors on the Register for the extended city is now 148,780 due to the city’s boundary extension which is due to come into force the month after the local and European elections.

Cork City Council Returning Officer, Paul Moynihan said: “The franchise teams at both Cork City Council and Cork County Council have done trojan work identifying electors to be transferred into the new city”.

“The extension of Cork City means that residents in the newly extended city may be voting in this year’s elections for councillors they are less familiar with. And some councillors will be representing areas they haven’t in the past.

The councils’ franchise teams, which look after voting protocol, not only had to identify the electors in the newly extended areas but they also had to re-structure the local electoral areas as the city is moving from six electoral areas to five local electoral areas. This is a very complex body of work,” Mr Moynihan said.

“However, there may yet be people who are not correctly identified on the register so we are encouraging all voters to please check their details online at or by contacting City Hall”.

Members of the public can check their details online by using website. They can also contact the Register of Electors office, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork at 4924107/4924108/4924109 or e-mail

If you are not on the current register or have changed your address you can apply to be included in the Supplement by completing RFA2/RFA3 application forms which are available on the website – –application forms.

The Final Register comes into force on February 15 and will be in force for the upcoming Local & European Elections, referendum and plebiscite.

Meanwhile, an interactive map has gone live which allows residents, businesses and communities to confirm online whether they are living and/or working in the soon-to be expanded Cork City – using either an Eircode or address.

The map also shows users which local electoral area (LEA) they will be voting in the upcoming local elections, the number of councillors to be elected in each LEA and the population of each LEA. Cork City Council will be making further contact will residents, businesses and community groups in the newly extended area in the coming months.

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