PARKING CHARGES re-introduced on Cork City streets

8 June 2020
By Mary Bermingham

Life starts returning to normal after the COVID19 lockdown

One of the advantages of the COVID19 situation was the suspension of parking charges on the streets of Cork City, but from today on street parking enforcement and charges return. Cork City Council highlights it is merely following recommendations set out in national Government guidance, and previously Councillors noted the hole in the City Hall budget, so income is needed.

However, Free parking will continue at the Council’s two multi-storey car parks at Paul St and North Main St. There are over 900 parking spaces between both sites. A statement from the Council says the no-charge policy “will be subject to ongoing review”.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to park just beyond the City Centre; The Black Ash Park & Ride facility reopens today, although the bus capacity will be significantly reduced to approximately 20% of normal levels.

Cork City Council Director of Operations, David Joyce said:

“We have been working hard with our partners to support the reopening of the city and to create the conditions that everyone can feel  confident that they can once more begin to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city after this difficult time. We would urge everyone to practice  social distancing and as some of the shops that traditionally sell parking discs could still be closed, we urge those visiting the city’s shops, libraries and soon-to-reopen visitor attractions to check out our parking app, Cork City Park by Phone,” he said.“People availing of takeaway and click and collect’ offerings from coffee shops and restaurants can also use our free set-down areas at South Mall, Grand Parade, Parnell Place, Drawbridge St and Cornmarket Street where you can park for free for 15 minutes”

Meanwhile, as the country’s gradual reopening progresses, Cork City Council continues to put measures in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of residents, shoppers, workers and visitors. A deep clean of city streets has taken place, work around the “reimagination of our streetscapes” is continuing and further measures are being undertaken to support social distancing by traders and shoppers.

Interesting facts

  • On street parking charges serve to ensure a steady turnover of parking spaces in the city centre so that the city’s on street parking capacity is not predominately used by all-day parkers, thereby denying usage of these spaces to shoppers. 

  • A scaled back parking enforcement regime did continue in the city during lockdown with, wardens issuing fines for breaches of parking regulations including illegal parking in disabled spaces and dangerous parking such as blocking a pedestrian crossing or cycle lane.

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