Carbery Plastics rethink Recycle and Remodel

Clonakilty based manufacturing company Carbery Plastics Ltd is spearheading new production techniques which use recycled plastic to make compost bins, fuel bunker stands and radon sumps.

Gearóid Buckley of Carbery Plastics said “naturally we have some waste plastic products which doesn’t pass our strict quality control tests. Instead of disposing of this, we are able to grind it down and use it for new products.

It is not just an environmental friendly way to manufacture but also an efficient way.

We do not use recycled plastic to make Oil Tanks, as “regrind” plastic is unsuitable for the manufacture of Oil Tanks. Our Oil Tanks pass strict EU Quality checks and have to be produced from virgin material.”

Carbery Plastics will take part in RX3’s (a Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government initiative to rethink, recycle and remake recyclable waste into new products) Network Event at Corks Lifetime Lab, UCC on Thursday 21st October from 10am to 12.45pm. This Network event is open to entrepreneurs or anybody who just has an idea about creating a local industry in Ireland out of waste materials. Those involved in agriculture, horticulture, retail, construction, industry, academics, local authorities, SMEs and investors will also find the RX3 Networks event relevant and worthwhile attending.

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