Bandon Cllr welcomes General Election

Labour Party Councillor, Gearóid Buckley, has welcomed the decision of the Green Party to call time on this disastrous Government.

Cllr. Buckley said, ‘Although the game has been up for this Government for some time, the fact that the electorate will now be given the opportunity to mandate a new Government in the New Year is a welcome development. The arrival of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was surely the most shameful indictment of this failed Government.

‘The electorate has been betrayed by this Government too often. It cannot be trusted any longer and therefore its mandate has run out. A new Government is needed to carry out the political, social and economic change that is necessary.

‘An election will also provide the people with an opportunity elect new representatives, with new ideas. This is an opportunity for the people to put honesty, transparency, accountability and social solidarity back at the heart of Irish politics.

‘The people have had enough of the “wink and nod” politics that has failed our Country. Trust must be restored. I expect many of the old familiar names to announce their retirement in the coming weeks because the writing is on the wall for them and their kind of politics.

‘Only those with a new and different vision, untouched by political cronyism, can realistically put their names to the people. Truthfulness, honesty and service must be the hallmark of the 31st Dáil. Politics can no longer be about self-preservation and a continuation of the Leinster House gravy-train – it has to be about the promotion of solidarity and the common good.’

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