Jack Lynch will not be tolled

Fine Gael Senator Deirdre Clune today has welcomed Minister Varadkar’s announcement that tolls will not be imposed on the tunnel in Cork.

Earlier in the year the National Roads Authority (NRA) indicated the intention to provide a toll system on the Cork tunnel. “In my view this would have been a short sighted move that would hinder traffic flow and economic activity across the city” said Senator Clune.

“I was reassured to hear the Minister’s comments previously in the Seanad when I raised my concern with him. The Minister stated “I recognise there are other ways to raise revenue than tolls and in light of the increase of VAT and Carbon tax slapping tolls on top of this would put people under more fiscal restraint”.

Senator Clune welcomed the Minister’s comments. “This is very welcome news for Cork ,many people use this several times a day and to impose a toll in the current economic climate would have a profound effect on business and many livelihoods in Cork city and county”.

“Tolling of the Lee Tunnel would have been a step too far for hard pressed motorists and a city trying to survive in a difficult economic climate. I am glad common sense has prevailed , it is important to have clarity form a business and a consumer point of view” said Senator Clune.

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