A sign of the Times

The theft of road signs is posing a serious safety problem in County Cork! They’re being stolen for their scrap metal value. The County Council is now considering micro-chipping its metal signs, using CCTV, or switching to heavy duty plastic, which would have little re-sale value for thieves. The issue was debated in County Hall yesterday when Councillors highlighted one particular sharp bend in the Glanmire area where Chevron or “arrow” warning signs were stolen. There were calls for the County Manager Martin Riordan to write to scrap metal dealers asking them not to accept road signs. The County Council replaces missing signs as soon as it becomes aware of an issue, but money for new signs must come from the already tight “road maintenance fund” which leaves less resources for drainage works, and potholes. Cllr Kevin Murphy claimed up to 50 historic “cast iron” signs were recently stolen from the Kinsale area. he wondered if they are being exported as souvenirs, perhaps by Irish Emigrants

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