Pay Parking in Carrigaline

By Council Reporter

A plan by officials in County Hall to introduce pay parking in Carrigaline
has been deferred again.

Officials believe that charging for parking would free up spaces, and
improve business.
But the “Carrigaline Business Association” is against the plans.

The six elected County Councillors for the Carrigaline area are divided on
the issue.
and for the second time they have deferred a vote, while they seek
clarification on a number of elements
of the plan.

Adrian O’Herlihy from the Carrigaline Business Association is calling on
to simply vote no to pay parking

Carrigaline Fianna Fail Cllr Seamus McGrath is against pay parking
and says it’s time to close the matter

0216 CARRIGALINE 01 cllr seamus mcgrath a.mp3

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