Joanne O’Riordan “No Limbs No Limits” film opens next weekend

27th September 2013, Friday
By Reporter

The world premiere of No Limbs No Limits the Joanne O’ Riordan story
is set to be shown at the Cork Opera House on Sunday, October 6 at

No Limbs No Limits has been two years in the making, and it charts the
incredible life story of Irish born Joanne O’Riordan who is only one
of seven known people in the world living with a medical condition
known as Total Amelia, meaning she has No Limbs.

Steven O’ Riordan, the director and producer of the documentary, said,
“It has taken a long, hard fight to get this far but I’m thrilled with
the final product and what has been achieved in two years is

The documentary is being primarily funded by the Rehab Group, with
support from Vodafone, Foundation Ireland and the general public after
the project got off to a shaky start when it was refused funding from
the Irish Film Board. The documentary will take the audience around
the world and back, in an emotionally inspiring journey of triumph
over adversity.

Joanne O’ Riordan said, “I have not seen the documentary yet and will
only see it for the first time at The Cork Opera House. I think that
it is kind of cool to have your story on the big screen but at the
same time you just hope people like what has been done. I’m nervous
but excited.”

Steven O’Riordan continued, “Charting a life story is hard but when
it’s your own sister it’s even harder. I hope I have done the
documentary justice and I hope people go away from it with a better
sense of who Joanne is as a person and who my family is. My mother
gives a very open frank and honest interview about Joanne and I think
people will be surprised to hear that.”

No Limbs No Limits also has Tony Award Winning Irish actress Marie
Mullen doing the voice over’s along with a Grammy Award Winner Julie
Gold involved from a musical point of view. Julie has written one of
the songs for the documentary and further to that Steven has worked
with new up and coming artists such as Kerrymen Ian O’ Doherty and
(Walking on Cars) lead singer Patrick Sheehy.

Steven O’Riordan said, “I wanted to generate music which reflected
Joanne’s personality. What Patrick, Ian, Julie and Dustin O’ Halloran
have done is more than I expected. This documentary is far more
complex than my first documentary, ‘The Forgotten Maggies’.”

Julie Gold, Grammy Award Winner, said “I was so honoured to meet
Joanne and work with Joanne and Steven. There is a great story in
there and it’s universal that’s the best part. The Irish people should
be so proud of Joanne, she is a true inspiration and I was only too
happy to do what I could.”

Actress Marie Mullen said, “When Steven asked me I was delighted to
accept his offer and I got his idea instantly. Joanne’s story beams
through and I only hope I have added to it.”

After No Limbs No Limbs has it world premier at The Cork Opera House
on Sunday the 6th of October, it is hoped that it will go into cinemas
In Ireland, further to that Steven plans to take it to an
International audience

“All my focus right now is on the Irish premier, I hope people come
out and support it, concluded Steven O’Riordan. Joanne deserves a full
house and I hope people all over the country come to see its first

Joanne and Steven are set to appear on The Late Late Show this Friday
to finally reveal pieces of the documentary and show the official
trailer for the documentary.

No Limbs No Limits is currently going through an Online Grade and
Sound Mix which is being done by Screen Scene Studios in Dublin.
Screen Scene has offered their services pro bono.

If people would like to buy tickets for the launch they can do so by
contacting the Cork Opera House directly on 021 4270022 or online at

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