Sean Kelly MEP looks into alleged child abduction from Cork

11th November 2013
By Politics Reporter

Sean Kelly MEP (Fine Gael) is seeking EU assistance to investigate a case of alleged child abduction involving two children from Cork.

A press release from Sean Kelly’s office today says

“It is alleged that Elizabeth Zamba abducted Richard Quarry’s son Ethan, aged eight, and Patrick Beary’s son Troy, aged two, before absconding to Zambia in April 2013. Mr Quarry had sole custody of his son and a court order preventing Ms Zamba from taking Ethan out of the country.”

Mr Kelly has been in contact with both Cork men who are campaigning to raise awareness of the case and seeking help in trying to get their children back, and may initiate legal proceedings against Ms Zamba.

 “On hearing the case, I contacted the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, High Representative Catherine Ashton in Brussels.

“I outlined the case details and requested that Baroness Ashton investigate the situation on behalf of these two EU citizens from Cork,” the South Fine Gael MEP said.

“Baroness Ashton has informed me that the EU Delegation to Zambia has been in contact with the Irish Embassy in Lusaka on this matter. She further confirmed that her office has since requested that the EU Delegation continues to follow this particular case and assists the Irish Mission as appropriate,” Mr Kelly said.

Mr Kelly was also informed that the relevant Zambian authorities have been made aware of the situation and their welfare services are asked to monitor the situation of the children.

“This is an extremely distressing situation for two of my constituents and their extended families. I will continue to pursue this matter at EU level to ensure the European authorities provide any possible assistance to resolve the case,” Mr Kelly added.

MEP Kelly has also raised his concerns on the case with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and requested that assistance is provided to the two Cork fathers who are seeking the return of their children.

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