Old Beamish & Crawford site rebranded as “The Brewery Quarter”

11 November 2013
Bryan Smyth

A group of Cork city centre businesses have joined forces to support the redevelopment of the old Beamish & Crawford site as the preferred home for Cork’s new events centre. The project has the full backing of some of Cork’s leading businesses, including restaurant owners, publicans and retailers who today launched the ‘Support the Brewery Quarter’ campaign.

At the launch, well known Cork publican and restaurateur, Ernest Cantillon explained the scale and scope of the development and the rationale for the ‘Support the Brewery Quarter’ campaign. “The economic potential for the city centre is enormous. The Brewery Quarter represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kick-start the regeneration of the city centre. A decision not to proceed with the development will mean this historic site in the heart of the city will be lost to the people of Cork forever,” he said.

The iconic Beamish & Crawford site on South Main Street site offers a unique opportunity to preserve and protect Cork’s illustrious brewing history, breathing fresh life into Cork city centre and paving the way for the regeneration of the city.

From an economic perspective, the Brewery Quarter project will provide 400 jobs over a five year construction period, peaking at 520. Estimated economic benefits are expected to deliver €22 million to the Cork region, with 900 direct jobs and 300 indirect jobs expected to be created upon completion.

Mr Cantillon said

“The Brewery Quarter will help secure jobs and grow future business in our city, as well as opening up new North/South routes linking our key city centre tourist landmarks.

“The event centre alone is expected to attract upwards of 400,000 visitors per year, with up to 225,000 people expected to visit the world famous Beamish & Crawford Counting House. Our city centre hoteliers are particularly excited about the Brewery Quarter development as it is expected to deliver 110,000 additional bed nights per year for Cork,” he added.

“Fundamentally, the redevelopment of the iconic Beamish & Crawford site also ensures its preservation which is critically important from a historical and cultural perspective. As part of the Brewery Quarter development, the old Counting House and brewery buildings, dating back to 1690, will be sensitively refurbished, creating a visitor centre which will attract an additional half million tourists annually to our city. We are delighted to support this project and are actively calling on the people of Cork to join us in backing the Brewery Quarter redevelopment by signing the on-line petition at www.supportbreweryquarter.com

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