[Audio] Dredging will not prevent tidal flooding

11th February 2014
By Bryan T. Smyth

Cork’s City manager has ruled out “dredging” as a solution to the flooding
problem in the City.

At a lenghty Council meeting last night – the first since the severe floods
– Councillors called
for several “quick-fix” measures to be introduced while the city waits 4
years for a 50 million euro flood defence scheme.

Councillors were given a four-page report outlining how the city prepared
and responded,
the Council distributed 2,500 sandbags and flood sacks, but Fianna Fáil’s
Tim Brosnan said 10-thousand were needed.
Fine Gael’s Joe O’Callaghan suggested the setting up of a central sandbag
similar to the salt depot used for icy weather.

City Manager Tim Lucey said dredging would not help with tidal flooding,
which is what Cork experienced last Tuesday.
Heritage expert, and Councillor, Kieran McCarthy commented how Cork has a
history of dredging, and how
much of the City was built on land reclaimed by the process


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