Dan Boyle concerned with GAA funding

14th May 2014
By Bryan Smyth

Green Party Cork City South East candidate Dan Boyle has stated that the
government’s decision to announce a grant of €30 million for the
development of Pairc Uí Chaoimh while the proposal remains in the planning
process and there are contentious elements to what is being proposed, to be
“political sharp practice that was thought to be long left behind”.

“Consensus exists on the need to develop the stadium. However the proposal
to double the footprint of the stadium by developing a parallel all-weather
pitch, at the expense of a public park on land acquired through compulsory
purchase which is still subject to being assessed by Bord Pleanala, should
have meant that this decision was delayed,” he charged.

“Making this decision for political purposes while ignoring the processes
meant to protect the public good shows this government is no different from
its predecessors,” he continued.

“How is this announcement any different from that type of politics we saw
from former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in relation to the Abbotstown project or
on Croke Park, where large amounts of public money were announced before
public concerns were addressed?” he said.

“Other can decide whether this is an appropriate use of public money given
the constraints that exist on the public purse. A new stadium in Cork is an
important piece of infrastructure which should be supported. An all weather
pitch that compromises a public park is notessential. Any funding
assistance should include that qualification,” he concluded.

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