[Audio] Cork Councils to co-operate in Tourism drive

18th November 2014
By Elaine Murphy

Cork’s two separate Councils; the County Council and the City Council
have today announced they are joining forces with Failte Ireland
to establish a “high level Tourism Strategy Group”

It will develop a “vision” and “action plan” for the future growth of
tourism across Cork.

The group will build on the recent success of the partnership approach
of the three agencies in The Gathering, Rebel Week and the securing of
the Irish Open Gold for Cork at Fota Island. Another recent joint
project was encouraging “MTV Crashes” to visit Cork for later in the

A similar joined up approach to the development of a growth strategy
for tourism was pursued by Failte Ireland with the four Councils in
Dublin earlier this year.

Mayor of County Cork Cllr Alan Coleman say “co operation is the name
of the game” when it comes to attracting international tourists


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