Teaching Council INVITES Cork Teachers to DEMONSTRATE innovation IN TEACHING at FÉILTE 2015

10th February 2015
By Elaine Murphy

The Teaching Council is calling on Cork teachers to showcase their
work in leading innovative learning in schools at FÉILTE 2015.

FÉILTE, the Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence,
takes place on 3 October 2015 in the RDS, Dublin. The event, which is
attended by teachers and members of the public, will feature a mix of
over 50 showcases and workshops spanning projects from across the
school sector, demonstrating innovation in teaching and learning in
schools across the country.

All registered teachers are invited to submit their project as a
potential showcase at FÉILTE. The application form is available on
www.teachingcouncil.ie and the deadline to apply is 5 March 2015.

Speaking about FÉILTE, Teaching Council Director Tomás Ó Ruairc said,
“FÉILTE is about celebrating teachers’ innovation in teaching and
learning that is happening in schools around the country. The day
provides a platform for teachers to share stories of innovation with
each other and the public. In this way, they are supporting each other
and parents in enhancing their own professional practice for the
benefit of their pupils and students. Well-being has been a strong
theme throughout FÉILTE and we would welcome showcases that
demonstrate how the well-being of the teacher profession and the
larger school community is being addressed.”

Tickets for FÉILTE will be available in September. For updates keep an
eye on www.teachingcouncil.ie or follow @TeachingCouncil and @FÉILTE
on Twitter.

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