Pastoral Centre opens in Douglas secondary school

2 March 2015
By Tom Collins

Christ King’s new Pastoral Care Centre (South Douglas Road) was officially opened at noon on Today by Sr Sheila Kelleher, Provincial Leader, Presentation Sisters. The new centre will be called “Sunview” – “Sunview” was the name of the suburban house where Christ King was founded on the Douglas Road – 50 years ago.

Cáit Watkins, Deputy Principal at Christ King, feels it appropriate as a name both to acknowledge the original school and to indicate that those using the facility can “view the sun” again. “We hope this new Pastoral Care Centre will help continue our mission to provide a ‘holistic’ approach to education ensuring that our students get not only an academic education but that their mental health is a priority too.”

“Sunview” will house the school’s Seedling Programme which has been running successfully in the school for a number of years providing solace for loss or bereavement. It has proven to be a remarkable resource which addresses both the spiritual and emotional issues of the students and, in turn, enables them to realise their full academic potential. Several teachers have been trained in the programme and it is available to all students from 2nd year to 6th year.

The “Sunview” Pastoral Care Centre will house an Art Therapy Room, a Communal Meeting Room and it is planned to incorporate a Communal Garden.

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